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Frequently Asked Questions

Which School District is High Plains Ranch located in?

High Plains Ranch is located in River Road Independent School District. The River Road ISD bus route includes a stop right at the front of High Plains Ranch.

What kind of warranty is on the new homes?

The manufacturer has a 1-year structural warranty on new homes.  The appliances have 30-90-day warranties.  We offer 60-day habitability warranty on pre-owned homes that are purchased. 

What is included with a new home?

New homes include refrigerator, stove, central heat and air conditioning, dishwasher, porches on the front and back, skirting, utility connections, and home installation.

Do you have four-bedroom homes?

We have 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes in stock and ready for sale.  With pre-approved financing we can order any home you qualify for such as four-bedroom models and double wide models.

What is the closest grocery store?

United Supermarkets has a location 2.8 miles from High Plains Ranch

Dollar General has a location a half a mile from the park community.

Wal Mart Supercenters has a location about 15 minutes from the park.

What is the Management Plan for High Plains Ranch?

High Plains Ranch (formerly Amarillo Estates) was purchased in October of 2018 by the current owners.  The plan for the park, which is well underway, is to remove multiple abandoned homes, clean up and improve the park infrastructure, trim and remove trees that require it, remodel existing homes and bring in new homes.  Our goal is to fill the park and make it one of the premier family Mobile Home Communities in Amarillo.  As we continue to improve the park we will eventually repair and repave some of the road areas, add playground equipment.  We currently have an onsite storm cellar and a community garden area.

Is High Plains Ranch within the City Limits of Amarillo?

Yes, High Plains resides inside the City Limits.

Is financing available?

Yes, we offer financing for new homes through 21st Mortgage as well as other sources.  Residents must apply and be approved for financing.

Are rental homes available at High Plains Ranch?

Yes, High Plains has rental programs and Lease to Own programs available for qualified applicants.  See or call us for details.

How are utilities handled? 

All utility costs are the responsibility of the resident.